The film is based on a one tale from the great Indian epos Mahabharata.

King Nal, to whom the gods gave all – a kingdom, beautiful wife – Princess Damajanti, myriad of riches … one day is losing everything, his life, his bellowed Princess, his face even himself.

In their amazing adventures of hope and faith, shame, suffering and fight through which pass King Nal and Princess Damajanti, the true love returns them lost happiness.

Certainly it happens not without participation of the Gods. … They also have their own intrigues…

NAL – a young King, honest, warm-hearted, and loving towards people and animals. He is a great horseman, but often acts hastily when pushed. NAL doesn’t know his own limits and weaknesses. Therefore, he has a lesson to learn.

DAMAJANTI – A lovely strong willed princess. DAMAJANTI is faithful in her love, and is thus rewarded by the Gods.

KALI – The evil spirit, God of troublemaking and war-monger.