The Mahabharata is an ancient epic of India, one of the oldest written books and maybe even largest book in the history of literature. It was one of the most important factors that created the
“Hindu” culture of India. The Mahabharata still exert tremendous cultural, ethical and imaginative influence throughout India to the World.

Mahabharata was supposedly started in middle of first millennium BC when it existed in form of popular stories of gods, kings and fantastic adventures. It was retold and improved by priests, kings
and wealthy patrons, ascetics, traveling bards, singers and whoever might be telling the stories.

Finally it came to exist in numerous literary and popular transformations in many of the non-Sanskrit languages. Mahabharata – is a powerful, inspiring and wonderful manuscript that
presents visions of universe and humanity, intriguing and frightening glimpses of gods and divine beings in ancient narrative that is accessible, interesting and compelling to anyone willing to feel and learn about basic, elemental themes of Indian and World culture.